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Are reserved by:

1) Agreement of Kitten Policy

2) Half Non-Refundable Deposit


Are allowed to leave:

1) At least 16-18 weeks old

2) After Twice Vaccinations

3) After Rabies Vaccination

4) After Microchip Injection

5) After Deworming

6) After Neutering by Licensed Veterinarian


Are included:

1) Agreement of Kitten Policy

2) CFA Certificate

3) Kitten Package (includings food,toys)

Are NOT allowed to:

1) Be Sold, Leased or Given to Individuals, Pet Shop, Rescue Center, Laboratory or similar facilities

2) Be Declawing

3) Be stayed outdoors

Kitten Policy

Kitten Enquiry 

If you have an interest in joining our waiting list
We would like you to provide the information below

1) Personal and Family Introduction
2) Experience of having pet
3) Contact (Mobile and Facebook) 
4) Window Screen Installed ?
5) Do you agree Early Age Altering ?
6) Why you choose Ragdoll ?
7) Ideal Parents, Pattern and Color ?

8) How did you know Diamond Rag ? 

Thank you so much for summiting. We will write back as soon as possible

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