Our girls will not have more than ONE litter in a calendar year, and they usually retired before Four-Years-Old to enjoy their happy retirement life. 

Familytimerags Parfait of Diamond Rag
(100% Traditional)
Familytimerags Black Pearl
(100% Traditional)
Familytimerags Truleigh Purrfect
(100% Traditional)
Diamond Rag Zera
(100% Traditional)
Darlinlildol Sorbet of Diamond Rag
Diamond Rag I Am The Only One
SilverFox Baileys of Diamond Rag
Sweetfellow Hazel
Diamond Rag Elderflower Granita
Diamond Rag Earl Grey Granita
CH Ragville Marshmallow of Diamond Rag
CH Familytimerags Gummy Bear
Bluerags Donut of Diamond Rag
Marlcreek Madeleine of Diamond Rag
Diamond Rag Yummy Bear
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