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About us

Diamond Rag Cattery, registered in "CFA" (The Cat Fancier's Association,Inc.) and "TICA" (The International Cat Association", is one of the Ragdoll Cattery in Hong Kong since 2012, and our 100% Traditional Programme start from 2015.


All of our cats are PKD, HCM, FeLV and FIV Negative. We aim at breeding adorable and healthy Ragdolls based on the Breeding Standard. 

Our words

Reputable catteries breed pedigreed cats by selective breeding to improve the breed, while some people just mate a couple of cats to make profit. We have enough breeders in the world, but sadly we do not have enough good breeders to promote the breed in the right way.

Breeders make their own decisions of "How To Be A Breeder". And you, as future OWNERS, have a decision to support a reputable breeder, one who cares about health, temperament, and breeding Ragdoll breed standard. Stop supporting breeders who only care about profit! Both Breeders and Owners are the key of the Breeding Atmosphere! We are the key to stop The Bad Breeding Atmosphere!

If you are not interested in owning specific breed of cats, Please Adopt and Rescue.
If you are interested in owning a specific breed of cats, please contact the ethical catteries.

Breeders are not the people who just provide you cats, but they are friends of many years !!!

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